The wait is finally over! This June, the Euro 2020 will take place across Europe once again after a one-year hiatus as UEFA celebrates the 60th anniversary of this acclaimed international event. Despite the major changes due to the pandemic, this tournament is expected to return bigger, stronger and more exciting than ever!

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming EURO21NFT Non-Fungible Token to every football fan, which will be launched in the next 24 hours! The total issuance of EURO21NFT is 23,976 NFT, which will consist of 24 countries and a limit of 999 NFT country balls for each token.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to be a part of the Fun Club Community and own the NFT of your favorite team. You can choose from our range of limited edition designs of 24 different country flags and balls. Best of all, you’ll get the chance to own the entire series of these unique NFTs to be added to your collection!

The fun doesn’t stop here! At the end of the tournament, we will also be sending special NFT drops to token holders of the winning teams. Stay tuned for more juicy and hot updates!

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Eternal flame EURO21NFT special edition


Total cost: 0 ETH
Special Rewards
All Euro21NFT holder now have a chance to own our special edition NFT when they fulfilled below condition.
  1. Collect any 12 or more EURO21NFT you can obtain Eternal Flame EURO21NFT For free!
    * Eternal Flame Special Edition is an ERC-721, higher collective value *
  2. In order to redeem one of the mystical versions EURO21NFT below, a person must collect all 24 different countries EURO21NFT.
    • The collector can redeem more than 1 mystical version EURO21NFT provided he/she has 2 full sets of all 24 different countries of EURO21NFT.
    • The collector can redeem all 3 mystical version EURO21NFT provided he/she has 3 full sets of all 24 different countries of EURO21NFT.

    Immortal Flame EURO21NFT
    All Flag Edition

    Frost Nova EURO21NFT
    All Flag Edition

    Eternal Flame EURO21NFT
    All Flag Edition

  3. If you are holder of the winning country NFT for Euro 2020, you will have the chance to engrave your name on the EURO21NFT Winner special edition(Limit to 6 characters).
How to claim
  1. Go to
  2. Submit your Opensea link and wallet address
  3. Once your submission is verified. We will airdrop the NFT to your wallet address
  1. The eligible collector must own EURO21NFT and hold until the final match.
  2. The Special Reward EURO21NFT will airdrop to the eligible collector within 24 hours after the final match.
  3. The collector must submit their opensea/rarible profile in Discord
Reward Airdrops
NFT holders who are the winners of our quizzes or games will automatically receive a special NFT airdrop into their respective wallet address. Check our discord for more information.
EURO21NFT Holder Ranking

Users who purchase more EURO21NFT will be categorized in a higher ranking to unlock more benefits. Please refer to the table below:

Ranking Quantity of NFT (in the same ERC wallet)
Backroom Team 10
Medical Team 20
Field Linesman 40
Match Referee 50
Country Manager 100
Country Director 200
Minister of Sport 400
The Chairman 800

EURO21NFT holders can own more than one country NFT in the same ERC wallet. The ranking above also determines their voting rights on our platform.

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